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Working Areas of Graduates

The development of social media tools, the search for all kinds of information online, has led to the search of states, governments, banks and other institutions in need of security verification. Designing, developing, editing or repairing simple software programs in the institution where he works; by regulating both hardware failures and software errors, it provides information exchange in a healthier way and performs security architecture operations of information systems. Therefore, they will be able to find employment opportunities in every institution or company where information systems are used.

One of the greatest requirements of our age is information security; Because both public institutions and all kinds of private companies, firms, institutions or organizations now carry out all transactions over computers and the Internet. If any of these institutions or organizations provide security holes, large material losses may occur. Communities that are aware of all these risks train expert staff in order to provide information security. The 2-year Information Security Technology department also serves this purpose. The field of employment of the graduates covers both governmental institutions and private sector organizations. In order to work in a public institution, certain requirements must be met. The most important condition in this regard is to get enough points in KPSS associate degree session. Information Security Technology graduates;

- Government institutions such as hospitals, schools, social security institutions, municipalities, banks

- E-mail service in all kinds of institutions or organizations

- Technical services

- Computer stores

-In the IT departments of various stores

- Universities,   It can work in areas such as.  

The graduates of the department are responsible for carrying out all kinds of information system of the related institution or organization, providing information security, and keeping the related records.   When the proposal for opening this program was made, the need of “information security personnel el of the public and private sector in our country was taken into consideration. Information Security experts are able to be employed in the public and private sectors.