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Establishment and Purpose

The Gas and Installation Technology Program, which is located under the Department of Electricity and Energy at Gönen Vocational School, started its educational activities in 1994 and is one of the first programs of our school. Gas and Plumbing Technology Program, which aims to train intermediate technical personnel who are familiar with the working principles of natural gas, heating and plumbing systems and gas appliances, provides associate degree education. In order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge, the application skills of our students are increased by cooperating with industrial organizations in the region. In addition, our students are informed about new technologies by participating in sectoral fairs.

Students who will graduate from Gas and Installation Technology Program;

- Explain the basic concepts, principles and principles related to gas and installation profession,

- To be able to recognize the systems applied in the field of natural gas, heating and sanitary installation and to design them in accordance with the application area,

- To have the knowledge, skills, tests, measurements, maintenance, fault diagnosis, repair and preventive maintenance required to ensure the efficient operation of existing and new systems,

- Ability to recognize and use tools, machinery and equipment in the field of natural gas, heating and plumbing, to have knowledge about work accidents and safety precautions, to apply pipe labor and welding and component joining,

- To be able to make basic professional drawings and to use computer-aided program packages in these studies,

- To follow the technological developments in the field and to use the automation facilities,

- Knowledge of basic mathematical and physical issues,

- It is aimed to have knowledge about basic management and quality.