23 January 2020

Visitors: 997

Director's Message

Dear Students,


Gönen Vocational School opens its doors to you with the experience of graduating students in numerous programs for a quarter-century. As of today, our school aims to create employment and a qualified workforce by providing both theoretical and practical training in seven formal education programs.


One of the main goals of our Vocational School, which has an experienced and dynamic academic/administrative structure, is to have the opportunity to work in the industry and service sector of our country, to have the sense of responsibility and ethical values, to be diligent, researching, questioning, equipped, knowledgeable and modern education; is equipped with information technologies, creates awareness in the workplace, increases productivity, vocational and technical profession to train professional staff.


Secondly, we aim to provide qualified, effective, up-to-date, practical and competitive training model to our country with the aim of raising qualified human resources. I believe that you and your university and college management will make great efforts to achieve these goals.


I wish you all the health and happiness of the academic year and I wish you all success with the determination to carry on the accumulations you will gain during your education.


Director of Gönen Vocational School

Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammet ARUCU