04 February 2020

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The students who will do their internship must fill in their petitions stating their internship place and the period they will do an internship, and submit them to the student affairs with the health provision document they will receive from the SSI until the latest announced date. Applications made after this date will not be processed.

Internships can be done in 3 semesters:  
March Term (*)
July Term
October Term (*)  

(*) Only students who do not have to attend classes can choose the March and October Terms.  

Program Internship Authorities  
1. The Accounting and Tax Applications Program: Lecturer Ayşe Alev BALCI
2. Tourism and Hotel Management Program: Lecturer Cansen Can AKGÜL
3. The Computer Programming Program: Lecturer Ahmet AKKAYA
4. The Gas and Installation Technology Program: Lecturer Özlem MOLLAHÜSEYİNOĞLU
5. Air Conditioning and Cooling Technology Program: Lecturer Ramazan YILMAZ
6. The Business Management Program: Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatih AYHAN  

Department Internship Commissions  
1. The Department of Electricity: Lecturer Özlem MOLLAHÜSEYİNOĞLU - Lecturer Ramazan YILMAZ
2. The Department of Computer Technology: Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammet ARUCU - Lecturer Ahmet AKKAYA
3. The Department of Accounting and Tax Applications: Lecturer Ayşe Alev BALCI - Lecturer Gülhan GÜLŞEN
4. The Department of Management and Organisation: Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatih AYHAN - Lecturer Özcan KARATABAN
5. The Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Services: Lecturer Volkan AKGÜL - Lecturer Cansen Can AKGÜL