05 February 2020

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Brief information about the Education and Training Regulation has been given.
For detailed information, see student regulations.

- Every student has an advisor.
- Course selection and registration renewal are made at the beginning of each semester (excluding the first-year fall semester) through the advisor.
- The responsibility of the course selection belongs to the student.
- Students who have a GPA below 1.80 at the end of each semester from the end of the second semester can register for a maximum of 24 credits in the following semester.
- Students who have a grade point average of 1.80 and above at the end of each semester can register a maximum of 30 credits in the following semester.
- Apart from the fall and spring semesters, a summer school can be opened upon the proposal of the relevant unit boards and the decision of the Senate.
- The summer school application is done within the framework of the relevant legislative provisions.
- Regardless of the credits of the courses taken in the summer school term, the credits in the program in which the student is enrolled are taken as a basis.
- The courses taken in the summer school are not counted from the continuation.
- Students who will take courses from other universities in the summer school must obtain written approval from the unit of the university in which they are registered, or the chairman of the relevant course or the head of the department that the courses are equivalent, and comply with the principles set by the Council of Higher Education.
- While calculating the grade point average, the last grade from this course is valid in case of repeated courses.
- If another optional course is taken instead of an optional course to be repeated, the grade of the last course taken is taken into consideration.
- Attendance is compulsory. Students who do not attend more than 30% of theoretical lessons and more than 20% of applied lessons cannot take the exams of that lesson.
- If the continuation condition is fulfilled in the previous semesters, the continuation condition is not sought.
- The grades taken in the previous semesters for the repeated courses are invalid.