05 February 2020

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One of the rapidly developing and growing institutions of Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, our Vocational School has graduated 3897 students since its establishment. As of July 2019, it has been continuing its education activities in 5 programs with 495 students. As of July 2019, a total of 22 academic staff (5 Ph.D. and 17 Lecturer) and 17 administrative staff (3 administrative staff, 3 auxiliary services, 6 security guards and 5 cleaning staff) in conducting educational activities in our Vocational School is working. 


Physical Area: The physical facilities/areas of our school are offered to the students throughout their education. Our school has a total area of 201.647 m2, 4.500 m2 classrooms, and laboratories, 341 m2 canteen, standard size carpet pitch, 2 standard size basketball courts, approximately 195.000 m2 green area continues its education and training activities.

Classroom: 10 units,

Maker Laboratory: 1 pc,

Computer laboratory: 3 units,

Natural gas laboratory: 1 unit,

Air conditioning laboratory: 1,

Tourism laboratory: 1,

Library: 1 unit,

Conference hall: 1 room for 200 people,

Football pitch (carpet pitch): 1 piece,

Basketball court: 2 pieces,

Volleyball court: 1,

Refectory: 1,

Canteen: 1

Technological equipment is available for education in classrooms and laboratories.

The land transferred from our school to KYK is 15.718,00 m2.


Vertical Transition Exam (DGS): Students who successfully complete our college, DGS (Vertical Transition Exam) can register for undergraduate programs by registering to the Bachelor's degree. Curriculum studies have been carried out in your undergraduate program where you switch to DGS in our programs. Our professors who have proven their proficiency in the profession are trying to create internship opportunities in order to prepare you for your profession by directing you to relevant sectors.


Exchange Program: In our school, our students take part in Erasmus-Mevlana Program (International Student Exchange Program) and Farabi Exchange Program (Domestic Student Exchange Program) which provides the opportunity to recognize domestic/international educational institutions in order to increase their knowledge and skills in the international environment. Within the scope of these exchange programs, our students have the opportunity to study at various higher education institutions in Europe and Turkey. For more information, you can reach the international tab on our university web page.


Nutrition Services: Every day in our school, students can meet their lunch needs for 3 TL. Other than that, it can meet its needs from the canteen.


Dormitory Facilities: The Dormitory Institution (KYK) dormitory, which has a capacity of 360 (180 girls, 180 boys), is in service within 500 meters of our campus. Due to thermal tourism, boarding has developed in Gönen and there are pensions with a capacity of 2.000 people. There are girls' dormitories run by the private sector in our district.


Transportation: Gonen city bus station with the number 3 minibus is provided in 10 minutes interval.


Social and Cultural Activities: In order to make the most of our students' free time remaining in their classes, they can follow the social and cultural activities according to their fields of interest or participate in and participate in these activities themselves through courses and training. For detailed information, you can visit our University Health, Culture and Sports Department page.


Library: In our school, there are books in various fields available to the students. Apart from these, there are publications/books/magazines, etc. in our Rectorate central library.

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