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Establishment and Purpose

The aim of this program, which was opened in the 2005-2006 academic year, is to train computer technicians who have the knowledge and skills needed by businesses in rapidly increasing computer technologies in the world and of course in our country, who can adapt themselves to the changing technology and renew themselves, and know and use computer hardware and software at a good level. Experienced in our department 1 Faculty and 3 lecturers. We have 3 comfortable and well equipped computer laboratories (iMac Laboratory, Windows Laboratory and Linux Laboratory) and 1 Maker Laboratory.

Within the scope of the program, the hardware and software architecture of the computer, operating systems and network structures are explained, and it is aimed to provide a comprehensive education to our students on object-oriented programming and algorithm with Java technology, which is taught in rare schools and private education institutions in our country and its superiority in software field is indisputable. In addition, database systems, which have a special importance in the software world, are taught with extensive training from installation to design and programming. Another popular topic in the computer world, Internet programming, graphic design and animation are taught using today's exclusive tools. In this way, software development, Internet programming, graphic design, database creation, server and client architecture and network systems that are necessary for a web site are explained to our students in a real life project management with advanced tools and selected examples. In addition, Robotics Programming, Game Programming, Mobile Programming, Cyber ​​Security courses have been added for the 2019-2020 academic year.

After the training of the Computer Programming Program, it is aimed to train the technicians needed by the enterprises of our country and especially our region and the computer sector, and to reach a sufficient level to take part in all kinds of software projects.