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Program Facilities

iMac Laboratory:

Gönen Vocational School Macintosh (iMac) laboratory has been established on an area of ​​80 m² and consists of smart board system, network devices, seating and table layouts, hd projection equipment specially designed to increase students' comfort and working efficiency. The 30 iMac computers in the lab are highly configurable with a 1TB HDD with a support of 16GB Ram with Turbo Boost up to 4.2 GHz with a 3.4 GHz quad core Intel Core i5 processor with 21.5 inch Retina 4K display.

In our laboratory, which is capable of serving all digitized fields, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Visual Studio.Net, Dreamweaver, Flash, PhotoShop, Unity, Android Studio and various application programs are installed. This laboratory is especially used in project development courses such as Graphic Animation, Web Design, Digital Illustration, Mobile Application Design, Game Programming, Coding and Office Software.

It is a laboratory in which students work with their instructors in their projects and researches as well as having the opportunity to use our modern laboratories which have high speed wired / wireless internet outside the classroom.


Windows Lab:

Our Windows laboratory consists of 30 PCs with an area of ​​80 m² and the common computer laboratories of all departments serve general use. In addition, many lessons and applications are made by students using their own computers in the classroom. Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016, AutoCAD 2016, Synthesis, Elektra software are installed in the laboratory.


Linux Laboratory:

In our Linux laboratory, which consists of 30 PCs, it is aimed to reinforce the theoretical lessons learned by the students by using Ubuntu Linux operating system. Cyber ​​Security, Office Software, Hardware, Open Source Operating System courses are used.


Maker Laboratory:

In the project entitled Endüstri Industry 4.0 Transformation in Vocational Education sahip, which has an area of ​​80 m2 with the support of South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA), 3D Printing, Coding, Electronics, Design, Modeling, Laser and Router processing equipment are available in our Industry 4.0 themed Maker Laboratory.

The "Maker" culture, which means "do it yourself" with technology, is known as a rapidly spreading trend in the world. In the Maker laboratory, it is to motivate and keep students' interest in these fields with educational, intriguing and exciting products. In Maker Laboratory, students are expected to produce prototype products with robotic coding, internet of objects, design, CNC machining, modeling and programming applications which are necessary for the digitalization of the industry. We provide trainings to the students who are educated here in accordance with the transformation of Industry 4.0, to train the qualified labor force desired by the sector, to increase the employability of students and to contribute to the development of competitiveness in the market.