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Establishment and Purpose

At present, the Business Management Program gives the vocational school training in four midterms and also internship in summer term.

And this program;

  • aims to train students who are able to produce new solutions by examining the problems,
  • encounters with different scientific perspectives,
  • try to give the basic theoretical knowledge that can effectively manage the services in enterprises that are in a great competition,
  • and provides effective management of these enterprises.

The Business Administration Program under the Department of Management and Organization of Gönen Vocational School started its educational activities in the 2007-2008 academic year.

The students who have been equipped with theoretical knowledge in their fields during the four term education program and have the opportunity to reinforce their theoretical knowledge with 30 days internship applications in summer term.

The expert academic staff in the field gives the lectures both theoretical and practical information about the different branches of science. And the academic staff try to prepare students for business life in the best way.

The students who will graduate from Business Management Program;

  • will have the basic principles of business profession,
  • will be able to use contemporary information and communication technologies related to business profession,
  • will have ability to work individually and in team work as a group,
  • will be able to open and operate work places on behalf of themselves or as intermediate staff to assist the executive levels in business and public administration,
  • will have the professional ethics and ethics they will need in business life,
  • will be able to take responsibility as senior personnel between senior managers and lower level employees,
  • will become aware of the importance of following the changes in the legislation related to their profession,
  • will become familiar with the principles and procedures for calculating and reporting tax revenues,
  • It is aimed to support the management of the company with the most efficient use of resources, time and labor force.