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Job Opportunities of Graduates

Job Opportunities of Graduates

Students who graduate from the Business Management program aiming to educate young entrepreneurs of the future;

  • industrial, service and agricultural sectors such as;
  • factories,
  • businesses,
  • banks,
  • financial institutions,
  • stock exchange,
  • service companies, both public and private sector organizations;
  • sales and marketing manager,
  • production manager,
  • human resources manager,
  • finance manager,
  • stock exchange specialist,
  • banker,
  • insurer,
  • accountant,
  • financial advisor,
  • management consultant,
  • public relations specialist,
  • advertiser,
  • organization and system manager,
  • purchasing and supply manager,
  • planner opportunities.

Graduates of the program are intensively employed as intermediate staff in various fields such as marketing, sales, accounting, finance, auditing and human resources.